The most recent snow and ice storms have resulted in some trying times.   Now that Mother Nature is melting the ice and snow, a rapid melt may cause local pooling of water.  Storm drains are covered and the water has nowhere to go.  Opening up storm drains will be high priority.  In most cases it takes manual shoveling to locate and clear each drain.  With 14 miles of road, the number of storm drains is very large.  Our crew will give priority to drains in areas with pooling.  Regretfully, there are too many to get to in to short a period of time and some issues seem unavoidable.  Please know that we are working on the problem as hard as we can.


If you know of an event which you would like to see posted on the SRA website calendar, please contact Lori Thorne at , on  with your submission.

Please keep in mind that there may not be room on the calendar for more than three events per day. Also the SRA office reserves the right to deny postings at our discretion.  (We anticipate that this would be rare.)

We welcome postings which are beneficial to the community and would be of interest to our residents, such as events sponsored by the City of Blaine, and other local communities.

For the purpose of our organization, we will only post events that are NOT religious or political in nature.  Also, we must decline any event which has the intent to promote a product or service.

Our website has information needed for the residents of the Semiahmoo community, such as: Meeting Minutes, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Guidelines and Standards to Home Construction, and information about the board. Under the Living in Semiahmoo heading, there is practical information for residents like: who to contact to set up utilities,  a community map, gardening tips, local restaurants and grocery stores.  We have a nice Photo Gallery and are always looking for more photos of our community, so feel free to email submissions to us. The address can be found under Contact. Enjoy perusing our site.