Monitoring City of Blaine’s Activities Regarding Land Use and Development Around Semiahmoo

One of the ongoing responsibilities our Environmental Committee has taken on is to monitor the activities of the Blaine City Council and its Planning Commission. We are doing this to be aware of any efforts to develop or impact the environment in and around our Semiahmoo community. We do not want to be caught unaware of new housing or commercial developments or infrastructure changes that the City of Blaine is planning on doing. Furthermore, if such activities are planned, we wish to keep our Board of Directors informed, so they can decide whether or not to be involved in the planning and development phases of such future activities. Additionally, we wish to let each resident of our Semiahmoo community be aware of what is going on so that each of us can decide on our own to get involved or not. We monitor such City of Blaine activities by either going to both the Blaine City Council and Planning Commission meetings, or by periodically visiting the City of Blaine’s website and reviewing each upcoming meeting’s agenda and previous meeting minutes. The City has upgraded their website and it is now a very good source of information. If you wish to see information about past or future City Council meetings and/or Planning Commission meetings, just click HERE to go to the City’s calendar to see when the next respective meetings will be. To see what will be discussed at that meeting, just click on the calendar date and a little box opens up. In that box, click on the “more details” button and a new page, chocked full of great information, will come up. Return to home