Evaluating Additional Cleanup Sites Potentially Impacting Our Semiahmoo Community

Semiahmoo has 36 sites within 5 miles that have been listed by the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) as toxic waste cleanup sites. Of these 36 sites, 14 have received No Further Action (NFA) designations, meaning they have met DOE’s cleanup requirements such that no further action is needed. This leaves 21 listed sites which are in the process of being investigated or cleaned up. The Semiahmoo Environmental Committee has reviewed these sites and has determined that a few sites have the potential of impacting the environment within our Semiahmoo community. The Semiahmoo Environmental Committee is currently closely involved in monitoring the cleanup activities at the Westman Marine Cleanup site, located in Blaine Harbor. To learn more about this site and why it is a concern to us, click HERE. There are two other sites that could impact our community here in Semiahmoo. We will be studying these sites in the near future. They are the Semiahmoo Resort 1989 site and the Alaska Packers site. Both are located on the finger spit where the Semiahmoo Resort is located. The figure below shows their relative locations.
As we learn more about these sites, we will be posting more information about them within our Semiahmoo Environmental Committee web pages. Return to home page