Recycling Tools and Home Furnishings and Fixtures

Recycling is a mindset which, when applied, opens the door to unlimited opportunities. One such example has been the creation of Resources For Sustainable Communities. They are a Bellingham based organization of practical minded environmental advocates, educators and scientists. One of the practical solutions they have created is The Re Store. This is a store with 20,000 square feet of tools, lumber, doors, cabinets, plumbing materials and supplies, electrical components, etc. that have been rescued and are for sale at greatly reduced prices. Before you think Home Depot, a trip to The Re Store is well worth the effort. It is located at 2309 Meridian St, Bellingham (Phone: (360) 647-5921). There is limited parking behind the building, you may have to find a spot to park on the street. To visit their website, click HERE. Also, one of committee members, David Steward, has shared with us that he has had good success in recycling his old appliances at the Appliance Depot, located at 802 Marine Drive in Bellingham. If you wish to check out their website and learn more about them, just click HERE Return to home page