Articles on the Animals of Semiahmoo

Jennifer Plombon and David Steward have written a number of articles for our SRA Community Courier. These articles focus on some of the animals either inhabiting Semiahmoo or from which a street within Semiahmoo has taken its name. To read these articles, just click on the picture of the animal of interest below and you will be taken to the relevant issue of the SRA Community Courier. To hear what each animal sounds like, click on the text below each picture. Enjoy!
Listen to: Pintail Duck
Listen to: Blue Grouse
Listen to: Great Horned Owl
Listen to:Northern Flying Squirrel
Listen to:Black Capped Chickadee
Listen to: Pine Siskin
Listen to: Belted Kingfisher
Listen to: Bald Eagle
Listen to: Killdeer
Listen to: Sandling
Listen to: American GoldfLinch
Listen to: Snow Goose
Living With Deer: Some Useful Hints
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