Managing and Controlling Dog Waste

As with everything in life, there are certain dirty little chores which we all dislike or chose to ignore. This includes picking up wastes created by our loving pets, especially dogs. Nevertheless, it is a duty that we must perform in order to prevent the spread of disease, to avoid stepping in it and contaminating our shoes and bringing it into our homes, or exposing our neighbors and loved ones to disease. It is also important to manage our dog wastes so that we can protect the environment that we so love here in Semiahmoo. Yes, it is true, dog wastes will be dissolved by rain and the pathogens contained therein, will be carried with the runoff and, eventually, end up in the ocean waters that surround our beautiful Semiahmoo neighborhood.   Since we have a fairly large community of dogs in our neighborhood, we thought it would be a good idea to provide information on the various ways to address this issue. John Brennan, an author for the website, has published a short article on the most Eco-friendly ways to dispose of dog waste, which you may find useful. To read that article, please click HERE! This article is contained within the website. If you find topics on science or math enjoyable, we encourage you to explore this website as it is packed with tons of intriguing and useful information. Return to home page