Living With Solar Panels In Semiahmoo

We are learning more and more about using solar panels as an alternative to being plugged into the grid and slurping up the coal, gas, or hydroelectric generated kilowatts. However, who has ever heard about doing that in Semiahmoo and its surroundings? Well, as our Environmental Committee researched this subject, we discovered not only is it possible but individuals and communities are doing it right here in our backyard! In fact, we have discovered that two houses in Semiahmoo have made the conversion as well as a housing tract located just east of Ferndale. Go Figure! If you are interested in learning more about living under solar here in Semiahmoo, you can talk with one of the Semiahmoo solar house home owners and you can get a tour of the house. Jennifer Plombon would be delighted to speak with any residents who have questions about installing and using solar panels, and to show you how they look on the house. Please call (360-371-7796 option 2) or email the SRA office ( and they can give you her contact information. If you wish to tour one of the homes in a solar community, just click HERE to go to the website of Springbrook Bunglow Cordata homes. We have friends who live in one of the homes in this new development and they love the idea of having the sun do the work of creating the electricity that they use. Here is an article in the Whatcomtalk website which is entitled: “Going Solar in Whatcom County” by Janine Johnson. Just click HERE to read it. Return to home page