Snow & Sanding

Snow Removal and Sanding Guidelines should be based on the following criteria:

  • Temperature during snowfall and forecast for the next several days.
  • Anticipated amount of snowfall and/or ice.
  • High winds during and after snowfall, i.e., potential drifts.

Then apply the following procedures/guidelines:

  1. Snowfall of up to four (4) inches with temperatures at or forecast above 30 degrees Fahrenheit: Sand hills and some gate entrances.
  2. Snowfall of up to four (4) inches with temperatures forecast at 29 degrees Fahrenheit and below for more than one (1) or two (2) days:  Same as above but may want to consider some plowing.
  3. Snowfall of five (5) or more inches forecast: Commence plowing all streets and, sanding hills and gate entrances when snow depth reaches five (5) inches.

This procedure, or portions thereof, may have to be repeated if more snow accumulates and/or, drifts and/or, the temperature remains low.  Provisions should be made for clearing roads of ice and slush during periods of extended thawing and freezing.

These guidelines are just that, and may be modified for a given situation.

These guidelines were accepted by the Semiahmoo Resort Association Board of Directors on February 27, 2007.

Community Snow Removal Services

Although the SRA/ASC does not make recommendations; below is a list of local companies who are willing to provide snow removal services, such as clearing driveways and walkways, etc. for residents in the Semiahmoo community:

  • Legends Lawn Care Services 360-223-0671
  • Windwood Landscape 360-380-4000 (Shoveling and de-icing available)
  • Augusta Lawn Care Services 360-350-5500 (Shoveling and de-icing available)
  • North County Lawn Care 360-510-6890
  • Valley View Landscaping 360-366-4340