Meet the Members

Jennifer Plombon: With degrees in both Forestry and Nursing, I have a strong urge to protect the environment and to help other beings; I have found a way to combine these interests by volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation centers and have done so for 17 years. While I’m helping the birds, mammals and reptiles I’ve helped to care for, they are also helping me by introducing me to the wonderful diversity and variety of the animals that share our world, and by teaching me what steps need to be taken to protect their home, our shared environment. I have my own copy of “Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest” and would be delighted to speak with any residents who have wildlife questions. Please call or email the SRA office and they can give you my contact information. Sarah Ulis :

I believe I have improved at least my own environment by making a big garden, that is an enjoyable and restful place for people, birds, bees and butterflies. I garden organically as far as possible. Also I am a big believer in “reduce, reuse and recycle.” At least 70% of things in our house are secondhand.

Julia Boltz: Having lived in a war zone over a decade and in many parts of the world where there is no clean air or water, trees, garbage pick-up, recycling, or plumbing, I am so grateful to call Semiahmoo home. The beautiful trees, water, land and wildlife called to me! Over the years, I have used my law degree to serve as an environmental watchdog, a corporate lawyer, a social justice activist, and a human rights advocate, among other things. I joined the Environmental Sub-Committee desiring to ensure the preservation of this unique land, which was considered sacred by the First Nations Peoples, maintain the value of our properties, and ensure the health and well-being of all who share the environment. Mary Margaret Leu: I began my career in the nursing profession as Clinical Specialist (BSN/MSN). I then moved on to become a project accountant in a national environmental firm which finally culminated with me holding the position of CFO for an environmental engineering firm. These positions exposed me to a myriad of environmental issues challenging my firms and our society. I have first hand experience on seeing what damages our deteriorating climate conditions are doing to our planet as my husband and I spent 10 years sailing around the world, watching the impacts that rising sea level are having on the world’s islands and how the rising ocean temperature has destroyed thousands of reefs. I strongly believe it will take all of us working together to restore the health of our planet. Please come and join us and let’s start here, in Semiahmoo, as a first step in creating a better future for our children. David Steward: I am a retired physician interested in maintaining our environment as best we can. My work was looking after infants and children during and after open heart surgery and transplantation, nothing to do with the environment outside that of operating rooms and ICUs! If you think you are better qualified than I to be on this committee you could be right! If this is so please give us a call and come and join our committee, we need more people. Return to home