Association Overview

Owned by our community members, the Semiahmoo Resort Association manages the 27 neighborhoods that make up Semiahmoo.  Our mission is to preserve the natural beauty, harmonious design, quality of life, and sense of community in Semiahmoo.  We have a dedicated administrative staff and maintenance team to accomplish this mission, and we operate out of a community owned office and warehouse facility.  Our basic responsibilities are described below.

  • Maintain community assets such as roads, signs, gates, and stormwater drainage systems, as well as community property and recreational areas.
  • Provide additional seasonal services such as street sweeping and snow plowing.
  • Uphold the high standards established in our CC&Rs and Community Rules.
  • Recruit Board and Committee members and support the Board oversight process.
  • Work closely to ensure cooperation and harmony with our partners at the Resort Hotel, Golf Club and Marina.
  • Promote community safety by addressing environmental issues and coordinating with local law enforcement to prevent crime.
  • Keep the community accurately informed of Board activities, events, and other topics of general interest through our website and newsletter publications.
  • Research and advocate around broader issues that impact or threaten the Semiahmoo community, including stormwater drainage, traffic patterns, and emergency response.
  • Address community questions and issues, and immediately respond to a crisis.
Image #31 SRA Sign
Image #32 SRA Center

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