Budget and Dues


Each year, SRA completes a comprehensive budget process that begins in spring and culminates with a community vote at the Annual General Meeting in late fall. Operating and Restricted Reserve budgets are prepared. Town Hall meetings are held to obtain community input before budgets are finalized and approved by the SRA board and submitted to the community.

Budgeting Process

The budgeting process is articulated in a Board-approved Policy document that details timelines, responsibilities, and deliverables.


Operating Budget

The annual Operating Budget details expected dues and fee income as well as projected expenses for general SRA operations, including personnel and facility costs, administrative expenses, and landscaping and day to day maintenance costs.

Restricted Reserve Budget

The annual Restricted Reserve Budget details assessment income and projected expenses for repair and replacement of major SRA capital assets like roads, gates, signs, and stormwater systems.

Reserve Study

Reserve Studies model long-term funding needed to maintain SRA capital assets like gates and roads, based on inputs and estimates provided by the Maintenance Committee. SRA commissions these studies on an annual basis to ensure that we are collecting sufficient dues to maintain an adequate reserve fund.


To fund the annual budgets, SRA community members receive a dues assessment each year. Dues are paid in two installments, one in January and one in July.

How Dues are Determined

The annual Operating and Restricted Reserve Budgets establish the total dues collections for each year. Dues assessments to individual SRA property owners are based on the type and size of their property. This determination is articulated in the CC&Rs and laid out in a summary table. 

How Dues Are Paid

Dues are billed and paid in two installments, the first in January, and second in July. Payments can be made by check or online using a credit card or with an e-check. The SRA staff will assist community members wishing to set up online payment arrangements. 

Current Year Dues

View the annual SRA Dues assessments that are currently in effect.

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