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Semiahmoo is a word derived from the local Native American and First Nations People which has several meanings, including “Half-Moon”, describing the shape of the Bay, “Water all Around”, describing the peninsula now called the “Spit”, and “Hole in the Sky”, referring to the rain shadow effect of the Olympic mountains.  You might notice it is often raining in surrounding areas and dry at Semiahmoo.  Although there is no agreement on the exact meaning of the word, there is universal acceptance, especially from long-time residents, that you have chosen one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world to call “Home”.  The mountains, ocean, wildlife, and world class recreational opportunities in close proximity to vibrant metropolitan areas make Semiahmoo one of the premier resort communities on the west coast of the United States.

By purchasing property in the Semiahmoo Resort Association (SRA), you are now a shareholder in a mutual association of property owners.  You will get to enjoy the benefits of this collective, but also share in the responsibility of governing and preserving it, not only for you and your neighbors, but also for future generations.  As members of the SRA, we should recognize how fortunate we are to be here, build community, be kind to one another, and aspire to leave this beautiful place a little better than when we found it.  This spirit joins the others as the true meaning of “Semiahmoo”.

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Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation establish the Semiahmoo Resort Association entity, define its purpose, convey authority and powers, and describe its organizational structure.

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Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

This is SRA's fundamental governing document put in place when the community was first established.  It is regularly updated.


Bylaws govern the community voting process and the functioning of the Board.

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Community Rules

Community Rules are established by the Board and supplement the CC&Rs and Bylaws with additional guidelines. 


The Board routinely establishes and maintains specific policies and procedures that guide and direct SRA operations.

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SRA community members receive a dues assessment each year based on the annual budget and the type of property they own.  Dues are paid in two installments, one in January and one in July.  Funds are used to support SRA operations and for long term maintenance and replacement of capital assets.

Annual Budgets

Each year, SRA completes a comprehensive budget process that begins in spring and culminates with a community vote at the Annual General Meeting in late fall. Operating and Restricted Reserve budgets are prepared. Town Hall meetings are held to obtain community input before budgets are finalized and approved by the SRA Board and submitted to the community.

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Financial Statements

Financial reports are prepared by the General Manager and reviewed by the SRA Board on a monthly basis. Year-end financial statements are certified by an independent auditor.

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Reserve Study

Reserve Studies model long-term funding needed to maintain SRA capital assets like gates and roads, based on inputs and estimates provided by the Maintenance Committee. SRA commissions these studies on an annual basis to ensure that we are collecting sufficient dues to maintain an adequate reserve fund. 

Architectural and Landscape Standards

In order to preserve the natural setting and beauty of our community, and promote harmonious and aesthetically pleasing properties, SRA has established standards that govern home building, landscaping and remodeling.

Fee and Fine Schedule

Fees are charged for review and approval of new construction and major remodel projects.  Fines may be levied by the Board for violations of the CC&Rs, Bylaws, or Community Rules.  Fees and fines are detailed in written schedules.

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