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Shoreline Management Act

There are documents that have been published to preserve our beautiful environment in Semiahmoo. The Guidelines for Maintenance of Undeveloped...
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Green Tips

Anything we do that minimizes our impact on the environment helps all of us.  The following are some tips to...
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Home Security Tips

Here are some suggestions on things you can do to enhance and improve your home’s security and safety. Install motion...
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Thank You Landscape Committee

The SRA would like to recognize the dedication of the Landscape Committee for their efforts in re-imagining the entry gates...
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New Playground Equipment

New playground structures have been installed at William Rex, and Syre Parks.  The Board authorized the purchase of these structures...
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CC&R Spotlight: Tree Removal

Summer is a time when many of our homeowners and neighborhood HOAs are examining their trees and vegetation for health...
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CC&R Spotlight: Community Rules

In addition to the SRA CC&Rs, we also have a separate set of rules that supplement the CC&Rs.  The Community...
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CC&R Spotlight: Parking

In the SRA CC&Rs there are rules regarding what you can have parked and how long it can be parked...
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New Finance Committee

In early 2023, a new, fully constituted Finance Committee was formed at SRA. The Committee includes three CPAs as well...
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Helping Our Backyard Birds

This information was sent out some time ago, but since bird diseases never rest from attacking our beloved birds, it...
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Living with Wildlife in Semiahmoo

A Semiahmoo resident contacted our General Manager and Maintenance Director regarding his experience with wildlife invading his attic.  Live raccoons,...
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New Election Website

Thanks to the Elections Committee, SRA now has a new website to help community members better engage in the annual...
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