Safety And Security Committee

The Safety and Security Committee assists the Board in its duty to ensure community safety by promoting awareness of safety risks and recommending neighborhood and community-wide programs to address safety issues.

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Learn more about local and national emergency management resources and programs.

Meeting Minutes

The Safety and Security Committee meets quarterly.  Meeting notices are announced in advance on the SRA website and community members are welcome to attend the meetings.  Written Minutes of these meetings are published and posted on the website.

Safety and Security Tips

Suggestions on things you can do to enhance and improve your home's security and safety.

Block Watch Program Information

The Safety and Security Committee assists SRA neighborhoods interested in establishing a neighborhood block watch program. These programs are coordinated with the Blaine Police Department.


Find important local contact information and learn more about emergency management resources and programs. 


Home Security Tips
Here are some suggestions on things you can do to enhance and improve your home’s security and safety. Install motion sensor lights around your home at exterior...
Read More about Home Security Tips


Reach out to SRA staff or the Committee chair and let them know you are interested.  A staff member will get you an application. If there is an open position and mutual interest, you will be nominated for membership and appointed by a vote of the Board.

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