Who Does the Work of the ASC

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Estimates of Time Commitments of ASC Staff and Volunteers

The ASC Administrator is a full-time employee 40 hours per week


The Construction Compliance Consultant (CCC) is a part time employee


12 hours per week
The ASC Chair is a volunteer


15 hours per week
The ASC Members are volunteers   4 hours per week


The ASC Administrator’s duties include:

Managing approximately 1 new construction request each month

Managing approximate 24 other formal requests per month

All formal requests require

  • Reviewing materials for completeness
  • Preparing materials for the CCC
  • Researching specific issues for each request
  • Communicating with owners, architects, and builders
  • Conducting preliminary review and pre-construction meetings
  • Managing fees and security deposits
  • Issuing SRA Building Permits
  • Scheduling final inspections
  • Organizing and attending biweekly ASC inspection tours
  • Preparing materials for ASC review
  • Preparing minutes and communications following review
  • Filing records

Follow-up work on ongoing construction projects

  • Managing the Houses Under Construction spreadsheet
  • Managing the Compliance spreadsheet

Managing biweekly meetings of the ASC

  • Developing the agenda
  • Preparing the meeting packet with all necessary materials
  • Researching specific issues for each agenda item
  • Taking and preparing minutes
  • Preparing and managing communications resulting from the meeting
  • Running the online portion of the meeting
  • Filing records of actions
  • Attending biweekly ASC tours

Managing reports of violations of ASC rules

  • Investigating the validity of the report
  • Preparing and delivering cease and desist demands
  • Continuing communication with the alleged violator
  • Preparing a report for the ASC
  • Preparing a report for the Board if the ASC recommends an enforcement action

Managing inquiries regarding ASC issues from internal and external sources

Managing records of all ASC actions

  • Building and landscape plans
  • Updates to building and landscape plans
  • Files on every property in Semiahmoo
  • Records of variances granted by the ASC
  • Changes to preapproved lists of roofing, building materials and mailboxes

Managing and updating the governing documents of the ASC

  • Standards for Residential and Multifamily Construction and Landscaping
  • Rules
  • Policies

Participate in ASC orientation


The Construction Compliance Consultant’s Duties include:

Reviewing all new construction and remodel submissions

  • Identifying changes required to meet CC&R and ASC rules
  • Communicating with the owner, builder and architect as needed
  • Preparing a review report for the ASC

Monitoring construction with intermittent inspections

  • Verification of adequate site preparation
  • Tree removal inspection (after site clearing)
  • Setback inspection (before pouring foundation)
  • Post-framing inspection
  • Stormwater system inspection (when connected to SRA catch basin)
  • Preliminary final inspection to provide recommendation to ASC (before ASC conducts
  • Final Inspection)
  • Periodic site cleanliness and compliance reviews

Reviewing and recommending updates to updating the governing documents of the ASC

  • Standards for Residential and Multifamily Construction and Landscaping
  • Rules
  • Policies
  • Procedures

Attending ASC meetings

Participating in ASC Orientation


The ASC Chair’s responsibilities include:

Assisting the ASC Administrator in forming the Agendas of ASC Meetings (Pre-meeting Agenda            Meeting)

Running the biweekly ASC meetings

  • Becoming familiar with all agenda items
  • Researching issues related to items on the agenda
  • Preparing a review report for the ASC

Reviewing action items and minutes of each ASC meeting (Post-Meeting Follow-up Meeting)

Attending the biweekly ASC inspection tours

Preparing the monthly report to the Board of Directors

Participating in ASC Orientation

Preparing the annual update of the charter of the ASC for the Board

Reviewing and recommending updates for all Standards, Rules, Policies and Procedures of the          ASC

Assisting the ASC administrator with responses to inquiries

Communicating with the General Manager, the Director Maintenance, other committee chairs and NHOA officials regarding ASC matters

The ASC Chair does not have a vote in the decisions of the committee (CC&R 10.02)


The ASC committee member’s responsibilities include:

Participating in ASC Orientation

Preparing for biweekly ASC meetings by studying the meeting packet

Participating in the biweekly ASC meetings: Reviewing, making decisions, and voting on actions of the ASC

Attending the bi-weekly ASC inspection tours

Reviewing and responding to issues arising between meetings

Researching specific topics at the request of the chair

Attending occasional special meetings of the ASC


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