CC&R Spotlight: Tree Removal


Summer is a time when many of our homeowners and neighborhood HOAs are examining their trees and vegetation for health and safety.  The SRA CC&Rs contain rules addressing the removal of trees and other vegetation.  Section 10.07(d) Site Design and Maintenance provides that trees, shrubs, or other vegetation having a trunk diameter of six (6) inches or more at a point of four (4) feet above the ground level cannot be cut, removed, or mutilated without obtaining the prior written approval of the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC).  However, trees located within ten (10) feet of a building, measured from the edge of the tree trunk to the closest part of the building, may be removed without first obtaining ASC approval.  Also, where homeowners show the ASC that their trees are dead or diseased, homeowners shall promptly cut and remove such trees, as well as other dead or diseased shrubs, bushes, or other vegetation from their property.  For further information about these standards and more, review the SRA CC&Rs or contact the SRA office.

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