Home Security Tips


Here are some suggestions on things you can do to enhance and improve your home’s security and safety.

  • Install motion sensor lights around your home at exterior doors and low windows.
  • Have “dead bolts” installed on all exterior doors.
  • If you leave your front porch lights on all night, when you will be away for more than a day, install automatic porch lights to go on and off at the same time as always.
  • If feasible, have an “alarm” system installed.
  • If leaving for more than a few days, give a friend all your contact information as well as the Police Department. Further, ask the local police department for a “Patrol Request” of your home while gone.  Since we have such a small police force, you can also get a qualified security/alarm company to do drive-by checks on your home.
  • Put inside lights on timers to turn on and off the normal times you do when home.
  • Stop all paper and mail deliveries while gone.
  • Have a camera system on all the doors in the home.
  • Have an inventory of all valuables.
  • Consider purchasing a safe to store valuables.
  • Park vehicles in garage at night if possible. If not remove valuables and garage/gate openers and lock vehicles.
  • Consider joining your Neighborhood Watch program in your NHOA.

These things might not work, so make sure have a list and identification/photos of all valuables in your home in case these things fail to stop a burglary.

The SRA wants you and your home to be safe and secure whether or not you are there!

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