Green Tips

green tips

Anything we do that minimizes our impact on the environment helps all of us.  The following are some tips to help you.

If you hate using single-use plastic bags at the grocery store, but also hate putting wet produce directly into your re-useable grocery bag, put the produce in Debbie Meyer Green Bags, which can be purchased on Amazon.  They’re strong enough to be re-used almost forever and keep things in your bag dry.  You can store produce in them and then simply rinse with hot water after use (or add a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid, slosh it around and rinse well), then dry on a bag drying tool and store in your grocery bag for the next shopping trip.  Cashiers are happy to ring them up as if they are single-use bags.

If you’d like to use the food and yard waste pickup through our local garbage and recycling service (SSC), but don’t want to toss food straight into the container they provide, try BioBag Food Scrap Bags.  They’re commercially compostable, so you can put your food waste into them, then put the bags into your yard waste container and it stays clean.  Very wet food waste may cause the bag to break down over the 2-week period and mess up your container, so you could store those bags in your freezer until pick-up day. Request a container at

If you’d like to stop buying laundry detergent in plastic bottles, try TruEarth Laundry Eco Strips.  They’re available from Living Pantry in downtown Blaine.  They work as well as liquid detergent and there’s no plastic bottle to try to recycle.  By the way, dryer sheets coat your clothing and dryer with chemicals, don’t reduce static much, and fill the neighborhood with strong scents that not all neighbors want to smell.  Learn more at

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