CC&R Spotlight: Parking

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In the SRA CC&Rs there are rules regarding what you can have parked and how long it can be parked within the property.  In Section 3.16 Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, etc. it states “There shall be no outside storage or parking upon any Site or Multi-Family, Neighborhood or Commercial Areas or within any portion of the Common Areas of any mobile home, trailer (either with or without wheels), motor home, tractor, truck (other than pick-up trucks), commercial vehicles of any type, camper motorized camper or trailer, boat or other watercraft (other than boat slips, boat houses, or other docking facilities), boat trailer, motorcycle, motorized bicycle, motorized go-cart, or any other related forms of transportation devices… However, parking of such vehicles for a 24-hour period twice per month for purposes of loading and unloading is allowed.  If there are special circumstance that require additional parking, a request can be made to the General Manager who may issue extended parking permits…” Contact the SRA office if you require an extended parking permit.

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